F. Festival 2019

a platform exhibiting equality in the arts

F. Festival is aimed at exhibiting Equality in the Arts. Our free festival starts at noon this Saturday 11th of March 2017 with events running right into the night. Iconic and well-loved Dublin venues Hangar, The Grand Social, Wigwam, Filmbase and The Back Loft will host an Eclectic & Broad spectrum of Women working in Art, Comedy, Spoken Word, Music, Film, and our Talks series which are free and open to all.

The Back Loft

Consent + Slut Shaming
by Catalina Vieru

12:00 - 14:00


Claire Percicva (Dead Label)
Drumming Workshops

Beginners + Double Bass
14:00 - 15:00


Pole with Leanne Cummins
(Irish Pole Dance Academy)
15:00 - 16:00

The George

Liquid Lead Dancing Workshop
20:00 - 21:00

'Liquid Lead Dancing' is a gender-neutral system of partner dancing created by Trevor Copp and Jeff Fox. It developed alongside a full theatre production, 'First Dance', about the development of the traditional first dance for a same sex wedding. Trevor and Jeff tour First Dance, perform demonstrations and teach workshops on Liquid Leading.

Trevor Copp was a full-time Ballroom dance instructor and regional Fred Astaire's Canada American Style Latin/Ballroom Champion. He retired from teaching to pursue his love of theatre and now runs Tottering Biped Theatre - a professional theatre company emphasising social justice and highly physical work in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. He has performed in over 30 International cities and National theatre festivals. The Salsa scene keeps him dancing, however; locally he coaches the World Salsa Champions and internationally he’s an avid Salsa tourist having danced it in 13 countries so far.

After graduating with an honours degree in psychology Jeff Fox entered the world of dance in the fall of 2000 almost by accident, investigating an ad out of curiosity, and he hasn’t looked back.  Working as a full-time instructor, choreographer, and competitor Jeff has taught hundreds of students as well as managing to win professional titles in American Smooth, Rhythm, Theatre Arts, and Showdance.  In addition to his ballroom work, Jeff is a double black belt martial artist and creates lyrical contemporary work focusing on the universal experiences we all share which has been featured in festivals across Southern Ontario, Canada.

Jeff and Trevor met as colleagues during their shared tenure with Fred Astaire’s Canada and remained friends after Trevor retired from teaching.  They would dance at social occasions where they developed their ‘playing fair’ method of sharing the lead which caught the eye of local dramaturg Lisa O’Connell. Thus began the theatrical collaboration which led to the creation of a full-length Ballroom Dance/Theatre production, ‘First Dance’, about the development of the first dance for a same sex wedding. Through building the show they formalised their ‘Liquid Lead’ concept and continue to tour the piece at regional professional theatres, festivals, and even as part of an international dance festival in Tirana, Albania.  In 2015 Alida Esmail – a former student of Trevor’s – championed the TEDx Montreal proposal and even graciously volunteered to help the boys demonstrate their work on the TEDx stage.

Tottering Biped will be doing an hour-long show/ performance as part of our Workshops section during the evening in The George. 
Check out their TED Talks in the links below.