F. Festival 2019

a platform exhibiting equality in the arts

F. Festival is aimed at exhibiting Equality in the Arts. Our free festival starts at noon this Saturday 11th of March 2017 with events running right into the night. Iconic and well-loved Dublin venues Hangar, The Grand Social, Wigwam, Filmbase and The Back Loft will host an Eclectic & Broad spectrum of Women working in Art, Comedy, Spoken Word, Music, Film, and our Talks series which are free and open to all.

The Back Loft

Lady Lilith
16:10 - 16:45

Lilith, Adams first wife created equally from the earth as him, cursed by God’s three angels because she refused to lie beneath Adam. She afflicts babies with fatal diseases with in eighth days of their birth and steal the seeds of men sleeping alone to birth her own demon children that plague mankind. Drawn circles, symbols on walls, inscribed bowls and amulets of the three angels names may protect you from Lilith’s afflictions. The demoness is continuously portrayed as bewitching, seductive and domineering. She was depicted in Venetian paintings with a red ribbon on her left wrist symbolizing female gentalia. The powerful and evil temptress was adopted by feminism as a symbol against patriarchy.


17:00 - 17:45


My Heart Surgeon Will Go On
18:00 - 18:30


Something Ferocious
18:40 - 18:10


19:20 - 19:50


Candlelit Tales
20:00 - 21:00

Sorcha Hegarty, a writer and researcher, and her brother Aron, an actor and director, are both story tellers in their own right. Come hear how these two to bring life back to the wondrous tales of old. 

Every month, a new set of stories is told under a different theme in the Stag's Head, and Sorcha and Aron will also be taking their version of the Táin to different venues around the country



The Grand Social

Fire/Led Performance
22:00 - 24:00