F. Festival 2019

a platform exhibiting equality in the arts

F. Festival is aimed at exhibiting Equality in the Arts. Our free festival starts at noon this Saturday 11th of March 2017 with events running right into the night. Iconic and well-loved Dublin venues Hangar, The Grand Social, Wigwam, Filmbase and The Back Loft will host an Eclectic & Broad spectrum of Women working in Art, Comedy, Spoken Word, Music, Film, and our Talks series which are free and open to all.

F. Festival 2016 Highlights

F. Festival is a free festival aimed at generating Visibility and Equality for Women in the Arts. Iconic and well-loved Dublin venues Hangar, The Grand SocialWigwamFilmbase and The Back Loft have hosted a broad spectrum of Women working in Art, Comedy, Spoken Word, Music, Film, and our Talks series which are Open to All and Free.

Ash Sheridan

Acrylic, Watercolour & Marker. Currently carrying out a tattoo apprenticeship at Modern Primitives Tattoo Studio in Fairview Dublin. Ash is a self taught artist taking inspiration from the tattoo world as well as a lot of other styles and is influenced by a great deal of other artists old and new. Painting, drawing, illustration and tattooing being the main mediums of the work she produces means she has an ever changing style that continues to grow from day to day.


Katie Herbst


"My work is focused around installations made from various found materials. My aim is to manipulate and explore the potential of unlikely materials in diverse ways using the combination of light and video projection. Through this I create installations that reflect my interpretation of scientific theories and phenomenons. The objective of my work is to create an artistic visual break down of these theories through investigation and experimentation. My intention is to create a conceptual hybrid of Art and Science that is informative and visually pleasing."

Awaken Foil is a piece which uses distorted forms to lure the watcher into a visual puzzle whereby they create images from the pieces they see. Created from kaleidoscopic video images projected onto the simple everyday material of wrinkled tinfoil, the installation emerges from the corner of a building, or a tent, like a growth. It symbolises the distorted and ugly, which becomes beautiful when the right light shines on it. The combination of the moving images on the textured, mirrored surface creates a hypnotic moving piece that is at once ominous and inviting.

The video in its raw state is just a simple walk through of ordinary life, walking around a house, out in a garden, in the city streets among people. This is then filtered through a kaleidoscope and finally it is projected onto the tinfoil to create the desired effect. The constant movement of the video adds to the growth and transformation of the piece, which evolves and unfolds to the watcher.  The underlying concept is to show the use of an ordinary, everyday, man-made material and how it can be transformed to give the impression of a natural like form in a dramatically distorted way. It simultaneously contrasts the man-made and the natural, along with an every day item used to project an every day journey.



My name is Sinead Bailey Kelly, creator of Homie, a personal artistic brand. I’m a Canadian who moved to Ireland in 2005 and since then has become very involved in any artistic adventures i can get my hands on. I have spent the last 10 years working in illustration, painting, photography, visual merchandising, window dressing, styling, venue and festival dressing, conceptual design, graphic design, interiors, party planning, gallery curation and many other collaborative projects.I gather inspiration and knowledge from connections with people I have come to meet along the way, and who i admire. I like to share ideas visually and experiment in many different mediums.


Cosmic Lotus

Cosmic Lotus on Facebook

"Creativity and self expression allows one to explore, embrace and delve straight in the unknowns of the imagination and inner child. For me, this relationship is the driving force for my inspiration. I like to experiment with and investigate the relationship between different mediums, materials, styles, concepts and designs. I am also largely driven by the importance of mental health. For to create, explore and express is to be happy."


Angie P Constable

Angie's work on Facebook and Flickr.

Angie Pappas Constable is a Greek New-Yorker based in Dublin. She loves big cities, observing people, the street buzz in general and all things visual. She’s a mom, a painter, an interior designer & decorator, a DJ and a massive Street Photographer enthusiast. She exhibited her work in a Street Photography Collective exhibition in Dublin, in 2015. Angie is an administrator for the Street Photography Ireland group.


Choy-Ping Clarke-Ng

Choy-Ping On Facebook

Choy-Ping Clarke-Ng is a nineteen year old artist from Wicklow working most often with ballpoint pen. Her art aims to convey a message of intersectional feminism and challenge prejudices around gender, sexuality, class and race. She looks forward to being exhibited publicly for the first time at F_Festival. 


Kathrin Baumbach


Photographer at Hot Press Magazine / Melody Appreciator / Cookie Dough Lover / Human Being Enthusiast


Alison Spittle


Alison has appeared on television a few times, enough times for her mam to tell strangers that she works for RTE (she doesn’t), not enough times for her to get a free drink. She has appeared on Republic of Telly and RTE’s New Comedy Awards. She was a team captain on a panel show for RTE 2 called Choose or Lose. A TV presenter for RTE’s coverage of Electric Picnic in 2015. A talking head on the year that’s in it. She has a new chat show called the Alison Spittle show with guests such as Tara Flynn, Aidan Power and Kevin McGahern. She performed at the Vodafone Comedy Festival in the Iveagh Gardens and performed her show Alison Spittle Needs an Agent to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and the Dublin Fringe. Her new show Alison Spittle discovers Hawaii had a full sell out run at First Fortnight and was nominated for two awards, Little gem award for best show under an hour and the first fortnight award for destigmatizing mental health. She’s a regular columnist for headstuff.org and UCD university observer. Her article caused a kerfuffle, so much so she trended on Twitter in Ireland and appeared on Joe Duffy’s Liveline, guess which one impressed her mum?


Eve Darcy

Eve is a rising star in the Irish comedy cosmos, after launching her comedy odyssey in Vancouver, Canada many moons ago. Eve enjoys odysseys of all kinds and is particularly taken by this current entertaining and humorous adventure; life. Eve gigs regularly in all comedy clubs in Dublin and the greater Ireland area, Edinburgh and the UK and has recently had the privilege of performing (and selling out) her own show in Dublin's Smock Alley theatre! Eve also co-hosts the 'AFOG POD' podcast!




Andrea Farrell


Andréa Farrell is a funny girl from Dublin. A bright spark in Irish comedy, she quickly made an impact as a finalist in the RTE New Comedy Awards, a TV showcase for promising comedians that spring boarded her onto a staple of Summer festival slots like the Vodafone Comedy Festival, Kilkenny Cats Laughs, Electric Picnic and the Edinburgh Comedy Festival. Andrea broke new ground recently taking a campervan around Ireland with her chums The Lads of Comedy, bringing their anarchic ‘supergroup’ approach to stages near and far. When she's not opening for comedy heavyweights like Stewart Francis, Marc Maron or David O'Doherty, she’s doing regular slots at the International Comedy Club, where her laconic style and irreverent stage presence are a breath of fresh air to the Dublin audiences. Stellar Comedian of the Year 2015.






Elaine Gallagher

Elaine Gallagher is a writer, director and stand-up comic from Kells, Co. Meath. She has performed stand up at venues across  Ireland, as well as in New York, L.A., San Francisco, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and at the Montréal Just For Laughs Festival. She has also written sketches for RTÉ's, The Mario Rosenstock Show.


Farah Elle

Farah Elle is a solo artist with an alternative pop sound influenced by an eclectic taste of genres; from hiphop to R&B and ska, while featuring Arabian echoes from her Libyan background. She is currently based in Dublin, having moved to Ireland with her family when she was 2. Her rhythmic lyrics, piano driven songs and distinctive voice aim to reveal something of the beauty in the ephemeral everyday. She is currently writing and recording her debut album at home - For the meantime, her single “Silk” is available on Spotify, iTunes & Soundcloud.


Kevyn are an exciting and emerging Indie-Rock quartet from Dublin. They recently released their debut single Scars to rave reviews from The Last Mixed Tape, Unsigned and Independent and Fame Magazine. Their combination of emotive song-writing, raw and gritty vocals and pin-point harmonies with booming performances means that they can both grab an audience by the heartstrings or catapult them into a high energy experience. Comprised of Karla Chubb, Jack Callan, Sean Walsh and Colm O’Reilly, the four friends combine an unparalleled passion for music and high energy that has garnered them much praise as charismatic, charming and natural performers. In the short space of time the group have been performing together they have played top Dublin venues such as Workman’s and The Button Factory and 96/1 Festival in Cork.



Twin Headed Wolf are an eccentric folk flavoured twin-sister double act hailing from the wilds of the West of Ireland. Described by Hotpress as "a playful, experimental, ingenious mix of old and new", their stage show is a carousel of ever changing instruments including a typewriter, some bones, half of a teacup, a saw and an old milk jug alongside a kalimba, a harmonium, a guitar and a decapitated trumpet. Drawing their inspiration from each other’s imaginations, bonfire singsongs, circuses and scrapyards, their twin-edged delicate harmonies juxtaposed with sinister lyrics lend an ethereal flavour to folk music.


Bairbre Anne

Bairbre Anne, a young and vibrant singer songwriter, is one of Irelands fastest emerging talents. Her style and delivery have been compared to the likes of KT Tunstall, Missy Higgins and Vanessa Carlton.Hailing from Dublin, Bairbre Anne has been steeped in music since day one. Playing piano from an early age, her song-writing talents then emerged. 



Spines take their musical cues from acts such as The White Stripes, The Kills, Savages and Dublin’s own Girl Band, and their spirit from 70’s heroes The Slits and The Runaways. They are instinctively drawn to ands and artists who have forged their own individual path. These queens of noise are ready to make a statement and they’re just getting started.


I Am Niamh

I am niamh comprises primarily of Dublin based solo project artist, Niamh Parkinson. Her musical style is considered Avant­garde, shown through her classically trained voice with idiosyncratic tendencies in her music. i am niamh s a multi­ instrumentalist, she uses her voice, cello, digital piano, percussive instruments and skillful intertwines them together with a loop pedal to create a complex palate of sounds. Her music takes unexpected interesting turns in each song.


Laura Ann Brady

MRU Best Trad/Alt/Folk Artist 2012, Laura Ann Brady's music is best described as dark ambient folk. Previously singer/keys/autoharp player in Lights Camera Sundown, she was also one of nine finalists in Spirit of Folk Festival competition in August 2013.  Her songs seem to breathe melancholy, while her voice "sends shivers down the spine." Her pared-down live shows consist of only her voice, zither and autoharp  She has played Body and Soul Festival, Knockanstockan, Electric Picnic and Spirit of Folk Festival to name but a few. Over the past three years she has supported Luke Sital Singh, TORRES, The Barr Brothers, Lindi Ortega, Josef Salvat and in November 2015 she supported Marlon Williams in The Academy. Laura is releasing her debut single"Masterpiece" in April.


Laura Keane

Laura Keane is a young, upcoming Dublin based songwriter and performs with her 7 piece band. With her brutally honest lyrics and powerful voice, she has developed her own sound, and creates a story that unfolds on stage.

Laura Released an EP called ‘Sub Rosa’ in April of 2015. Her single ‘Cup of Tea’ was selected as song of the week on 98fm and has since been play-listed due to the high level of listener’s texting in looking for it to be played. Laura recently travelled over to Belgium to play a number of intimate gigs due to the level of success of ‘Sub Rosa’ and was even played on Belgian Radio.


Sarah Red

Transcending genres and comfortable in any, Sarah Red has consistently wowed audiences and listeners with her stunning vocal range over the past few years and while seamlessly lending her unique skills to many other projects, it is within her own music where the true nature of this mysterious talent shines brightest.






Sister Ghost, aka Shannon Delores O'Neill, has a background playing in bands but after she found herself without one in late 2013, she saw it as an opportunity to do things her way. She began writing and demoing – singing and playing everything herself – before enlisting a backing band to bring the songs to completion. Together, they marshal a diverse set of influences in a singular way – from Seattle punks The Gits and her guitar hero, Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo, to Kate Bush and Thin Lizzy. It's noisy, sometimes weird, but with a pop heart.


Ailish Kerr

Ailish J Kerr shouts out poems all over the gaff, having travelled to such strange and distant lands as Tullamore and Suffolk to share poetry. AJ is in two poetry troupes; Fort Sessions and Outstraight, but above all, Ailish is an absolute messer.


Vickey Curtis

Vickey Curtis is a theatre maker, writer and spoken word artist from Dublin. She has written  and performed in a series of short plays at the International Dublin Gay Theatre festival from 2007 - 2012.  In 2009 she devised a theatrical piece about her lifelong friendship with Aine McKevitt directed by Una McKevitt called Victor & Gord. The critically acclaimed production was presented at Project Brand New and Queer Notions, and went on to tour the Dublin Fringe Festival, Kilkenny Arts Festival, Electric Picnic, the Pavillion Theatre, and at the Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris. Currently, Vickey co-curates a spoken word evening called Come Rhyme With Me, which acts as a fundraising mechanism for Dublin LGBT resource centre, Outhouse. Come Rhyme With Me has toured First Fortnight, Electric Picnic, the Body and Soul festival, and GAZE Dublin International LGBT Film Festival. Vickey also collaborates with Dublin Art collective PETTYCASH. She is currently developing a theatrical exploration about grief and bereavement and how people live through death.

Caelainn Bradley

Caelainn Bradley is a Dublin-based writer and spoken word poet. She has performed at events across and outside Ireland such as the Monday Echo, Electric Picnic, Body&Soul, St. Patrick’s Day Festival and Latitude Festival. She writes about people and love and the city and streetlight reflecting off broken glass.


Alicia Byrne Keane

Alicia Byrne Keane is a poet and general sort of writer from Dublin. She performs regularly at spoken word events in Ireland and England such as The Monday Echo, PETTYCASH, Good Name, and Gin & Phonics. She currently writes for online journal The Bogman's Cannon, but has also had work published on The New Welsh Review, Headstuff, and the feminist journal No Falling Ribbons.


Caoimhe Lavelle


Caoimhe Lavelle is a a spoken word poet and performer who makes art according to her clavicle. She has recently taken to hula hooping while performing her work. Caoimhe writes poetry, prose, draws comix and is a DJ[/1980's enthusiast]. She has organised spoken word events and projects as a member of The Blue Bottle Collective.


Kate McCranor

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Kate is a twenty year old poetess who spends most of her time on the quays performing curses on her enemies or dismantling the patriarchy. She hails from West Cork and somehow has an exhausting New York accent.



Punk Groves

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Punk Groves is a poet and artist from Dublin. Her work focuses on angst, love and women. She has performed at a lot of popular poetry events including The Monday Echo, Mixed Messages and Dublin Writers’ Forum. She is part of the organising team for Flying South, a mental health spoken word night that takes place every month.